Music Video Ideas

For my music video I wanted to work with a fun song to balance out all of the heavy stuff that I’m working with in my advanced art classes. Since I’m going to Little Mix’s concert in April, I’ve been listening to a lot of Little Mix, and they do have a ton of fun pop-ey songs. So I chose “Beep Beep.” This song follows the girl as she’s stuck on the Freeway trying to get to her slam piece. I didn’t realize this was the plot until after I had chose this song and read the lyrics. For my film, I want to scale back from the message of a woman stuck on the freeway trying to get laid and make it a little more playful because Little Mix is about fun and playfulness. My narrative will follow a girl as she bumps into a guy and then daydreams about all the ways that she can sleep with him. Still, it’s about a girl getting laid, but she won’t be stuck in traffic for the whole thing. I hope it’ll be bright, fun, and playful like the song. Stay posted!

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