Crossroads Film Festival Experience

crossroads_film_festivalSocial Media + Your Film = Honoring the Platform
Malco Grandview
Saturday, April 8, 2017, 11 p.m.

Melanie Addington, executive director of the Oxford Film Festival, discussed the basics of managing a social media platform and utilizing each platform to garner the most success. I found this interesting because I have been a social media manager for the past 3 years for various companies and publications. Although a lot of what I learned was on the job, it was interesting to get an expert’s take on it. She mainly focused on sharing films through pages or social media accounts dedicated to that film or film company, but I found the tips to be useful as things to do when managing any social media account. Also, she constantly brought up the algorithm which is something we studied extensively in Senior Seminar last semester so I thought that was pretty cool.

Girls Just Wanna Make Films
Malco Grandview
Saturday, April 8th, 1 p.m.

I admit I was a little intimidated at first, but I would say that half of the films seems doable to me. Not all of them had perfect lighting or sound, but they had compelling stories which related to our first class where we learned that the trick to film making is telling a great story. “Dead Color,” the first short, was probably one of my favorites. I believe it was a student film, but the story well well executed and the music really made the scenes suspenseful until the end. Overall, this was useful to see how others created stories with such a limited time frame over different mediums.

I really enjoyed the festival. I got to chat with some guys who own a film company called Eccentric and they talked to me and a Mississippi College student about their work and what they do. They invited her to set and would let her be an extra though. I also got a chance to share my work and talk about my documentary on interracial dating with them. Also, I met Victoria Greene who shared with us her next project and asked for our opinions on her social media campaign for her next film. She claimed if I didn’t like her on Facebook she would haunt me down, and I haven’t liked her on Facebook yet…



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