Crossroads Film Festival Experience

crossroads_film_festivalSocial Media + Your Film = Honoring the Platform
Malco Grandview
Saturday, April 8, 2017, 11 p.m.

Melanie Addington, executive director of the Oxford Film Festival, discussed the basics of managing a social media platform and utilizing each platform to garner the most success. I found this interesting because I have been a social media manager for the past 3 years for various companies and publications. Although a lot of what I learned was on the job, it was interesting to get an expert’s take on it. She mainly focused on sharing films through pages or social media accounts dedicated to that film or film company, but I found the tips to be useful as things to do when managing any social media account. Also, she constantly brought up the algorithm which is something we studied extensively in Senior Seminar last semester so I thought that was pretty cool.

Girls Just Wanna Make Films
Malco Grandview
Saturday, April 8th, 1 p.m.

I admit I was a little intimidated at first, but I would say that half of the films seems doable to me. Not all of them had perfect lighting or sound, but they had compelling stories which related to our first class where we learned that the trick to film making is telling a great story. “Dead Color,” the first short, was probably one of my favorites. I believe it was a student film, but the story well well executed and the music really made the scenes suspenseful until the end. Overall, this was useful to see how others created stories with such a limited time frame over different mediums.

I really enjoyed the festival. I got to chat with some guys who own a film company called Eccentric and they talked to me and a Mississippi College student about their work and what they do. They invited her to set and would let her be an extra though. I also got a chance to share my work and talk about my documentary on interracial dating with them. Also, I met Victoria Greene who shared with us her next project and asked for our opinions on her social media campaign for her next film. She claimed if I didn’t like her on Facebook she would haunt me down, and I haven’t liked her on Facebook yet…



More Documentary Ideas

I’m currently in Greensboro and I have filmed some stuff, but I’m using it more as a personal thing or a backup if my idea doesn’t work.

My goal for my documentary is to document interracial relationships in the South. It will primarily include interviews as well as some footage of couples together. The reason I want to document this is that, in my experience, interracial relationships have had a ton of pushback. I want to document those in interracial relationships and share their experience, because it could be really different than mine. I will maybe follow them on a date or as they hang out. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.

Documentary Ideas

Right now, I’m kicking myself because I’ve been to New Orleans this week, and today’s my last day in the Delta and I could have done a documentary on both of these. My idea that I just came up with was to record the sights and sounds of the place to try to not only document the area but also the feel and complexity of the area. I first thought about this as I went from the French Quarter (which was the only part of New Orleans I’ve ever been to) to Uptown New Orleans which was a completely new and different New Orleans to me. I captured some great film, but it’s not enough to film a documentary.

Instead I’m going to document my trip to Greensboro, North Carolina. This trip is significant to me because it’s my first trip where I’m traveling alone to a new place and I’ll know no one. So it’s my first “adult adult” trip. Also, I’ll be traveling by plane which I’ve never done before and I’m really nervous (and slightly embarrassed) about it. I’ll try to do a entry and exit interview to see the before and after of my trip. How do I feel at the present moment and why? I’ll also try my best to film me on the plane and record how¬† I’m feeling throughout the flight but I left my tripod at home so I may need to buy another. Also when I touch base in Greensboro, I’ll film me in the hotel and me at my conference. My biggest concern is how I will shoot video of me because I won’t have anyone with me. But we’ll see what happens and what I’ll do.

Focus on the Breath: An Experimental Self-Portrait

For my next assignment, I’m thinking of using a meditation for the basis of the film. Meditation helps me stay in the present moment and focus on what’s in front of me – which is a big problem I have because I constantly focus on the future and the future gives me anxiety. So my way to combat that is to meditate and breathe and remind myself to focus on the present. This practice has translated over to other activities such as yoga or cardio exercise. Breathing also helps when I’m feeling especially anxious about something as I remind myself that I am alive and I am breathing and it helps me feel grounded and okay.

Music Video Ideas

For my music video I wanted to work with a fun song to balance out all of the heavy stuff that I’m working with in my advanced art classes. Since I’m going to Little Mix’s concert in April, I’ve been listening to a lot of Little Mix, and they do have a ton of fun pop-ey songs. So I chose “Beep Beep.” This song follows the girl as she’s stuck on the Freeway trying to get to her slam piece. I didn’t realize this was the plot until after I had chose this song and read the lyrics. For my film, I want to scale back from the message of a woman stuck on the freeway trying to get laid and make it a little more playful because Little Mix is about fun and playfulness. My narrative will follow a girl as she bumps into a guy and then daydreams about all the ways that she can sleep with him. Still, it’s about a girl getting laid, but she won’t be stuck in traffic for the whole thing. I hope it’ll be bright, fun, and playful like the song. Stay posted!