Documentary Ideas

Right now, I’m kicking myself because I’ve been to New Orleans this week, and today’s my last day in the Delta and I could have done a documentary on both of these. My idea that I just came up with was to record the sights and sounds of the place to try to not only document the area but also the feel and complexity of the area. I first thought about this as I went from the French Quarter (which was the only part of New Orleans I’ve ever been to) to Uptown New Orleans which was a completely new and different New Orleans to me. I captured some great film, but it’s not enough to film a documentary.

Instead I’m going to document my trip to Greensboro, North Carolina. This trip is significant to me because it’s my first trip where I’m traveling alone to a new place and I’ll know no one. So it’s my first “adult adult” trip. Also, I’ll be traveling by plane which I’ve never done before and I’m really nervous (and slightly embarrassed) about it. I’ll try to do a entry and exit interview to see the before and after of my trip. How do I feel at the present moment and why? I’ll also try my best to film me on the plane and record how¬† I’m feeling throughout the flight but I left my tripod at home so I may need to buy another. Also when I touch base in Greensboro, I’ll film me in the hotel and me at my conference. My biggest concern is how I will shoot video of me because I won’t have anyone with me. But we’ll see what happens and what I’ll do.